How do I apply?

Contact our Membership Vice President, for current membership incentives or print a membership Application in (.pdf format) and mail it to our MVP with your check.

Why should you join AAUW?

Who might want to join AAUW?

    • Anyone (men and women) interested in equity issues related to women and girls.
    • Those who agree with AAUW’s Public Policy Priorities and want to receive timely notification of important woman’s issues.
    • Women who have just moved into the region wanting to meet people.
    • Women wanting to expand their social circle.
    • New graduates who might want direction and mentoring in their careers.
    • Working women who want to network.
    • Young mothers tired of baby talk who want to have some intelligent conversation for a change.
    • Mothers of older children or “empty nesters” finally having time to “rediscover themselves”.
    • Retired women eager to meet other intelligent and active retirees.

Who can become a member?

Nationally membership is open to anyone who has earned an associate, baccalaureate or higher degree from an accredited college or university or anyone working toward their first baccalaureate degree.

Branch Membership Categories:

    • Full Member – anyone who has earned an associate, baccalaureate or higher degree from an accredited college or university. Full members can hold office, chair committees and have full association voting rights.
    • Student Affiliate – anyone who is working toward a first baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university. Student affiliates cannot hold office but can chair committees.
    • Supporter – Our branch has a special, local membership category, “Supporters”, for those women who share our vision and goals but do not have the educational requirements for full membership. Our local supporters cannot be branch officers but can be committee chairs and thus serve on our branch board as non-voting members.

About how much does membership cost?

    • Full Member – $71
    • Student Affiliate – $17
    • Supporter – $15

Dues includes $49 dues to National, $12 dues to State and $10 for Branch.

Any Discounts or Special Offers?

AAUW offers a Shape The Future (STF) discount for New Membership. People who join our branch at one of our “public events / programs”, sign our guest book, and pay on that day are eligible for a discount of ONE HALF OFF the national dues. AAUW members who have lapsed for more than 2 years are also eligible for a STF discount when re-joining at a public event.

Full membership with a STF discount would be $46.50 ($24.50 for national dues plus $12 for state and $10 branch dues)!

Membership dues are reduced by half ($35.50 if paying full price) from January 1-March 14. After March 15 the dues will be the full price but apply for the next membership year.

How can I get my monies worth from my AAUW dues?

Stay active in your AAUW branch: come to meetings, book clubs and GET INVOLVED! Just ask any board member, “how can I help?”

Miscellaneous valuable merchant discounts are available through the national AAUW page.