Membership Involvement

Branch Involvement

There are many ways a member can get actively involved in our branch activities. The more a member gets involved, the easier it is to make friends and truly feel part of our branch.

Some suggested ways you may want to help:

    • You might offer to serve as an officer.
    • Offer to serve on a committee or chair a committee.
    • Suggest speakers and important topics to our Program Committee.
    • Volunteer your help on any of our special projects.
    • Become active in any of our special interest groups or suggest new groups.

Advertise our branch:

    • Offer to help with publicity efforts.
    • Proudly state that you are a member of our AAUW branch.
    • Invite your friends and family to public AAUW functions.
    • You can even invite a guest to 2 meetings of our members-only interest groups.

Community Involvement

Members are urged to become active in efforts to better our communities.